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Ayurveda for the eyes: effective recovery of eyesight

The eyes are the most important of the five human senses, thanks to them we get most of the information about the world. Is there a need to remind of the importance of taking care of one's vision? By paying it enough attention, regularly observing its condition, generally taking care of the health of body and spirit, everyone is able to preserve or restore clear vision. Ayurveda for the eyes is a set of procedures and exercises designed to cure a huge list of diseases, helping the patient to regain good vision, to liberate him from the pain, inflammation and other things.

We use treatments borrowed from the world-famous Indian Ayurvedic Sreedhareeyam clinic with which we have fruitful cooperation. Thanks to the knowledge and experience that we received from them, we have managed to create the most comprehensive, and effective recovery of the system of vision rejuvenation and getting rid of eye diseases.

Procedures and exercises for the eyes

During course of treatment the patient is given a list of healing procedures. We give clear guidance about the exercises to help restore vision and bring back natural health of one's eyes. Our experts teach proper self-care, give advice and instructions regarding preventive procedures at home that allows you to consolidate the results achieved and maintain health in any conditions during whole life. Ayurveda for the eyes is a whole complex of procedures and exercises.

Basic techniques of Panchakarma considering treatment of eye diseases include:

1. SECAM — this is one of the most important treatments in Ayurveda, used for the curing of various diseases of organs of vision. It is about washing the eyes with a thin stream of warm extract the of medicinal herbs. It is prescribed to patients with such serious diseases as acute and chronic conjunctivitis, glaucoma, primary and secondary stages of cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and other.

2. Bidalaka — overlaying a thick paste of drug mixtures on the closed eyelids with fixed bandage. It is used in most cases for the treatment of eye diseases.

3. Netra Tarpanam — creating a protective barrier around the eyes using a special dough for the purpose of filling it with oil-based drug solution. It relieves stress, allowing the eyes to speed up the process of restoring their health. It reduces the impact of the effects of serious eye illnesses.

4. Anjani — being one of the final procedures, it is instilling special solutions on the basis of ghee oil to one's eyes. It rejuvenates, it helps in restoring vision, accelerates tissue regeneration.

5. Putapaka — a procedure similar to Netra Tarpanam. It also uses a barrier made of dough around the eyes, which is filled with warm herbal extracts. It helps speed up the metabolism, which leads to a rapid recovery. Prescribed as one of the latest treatments during the course.

Thanks to these actions, as well as accompanying exercises, additional tools (such as ayurvedic eye drops) and so on, one can forget about problems with vision, and even acquired congenital or chronic eye diseases. Inviting you our Panchakarma Centre, we aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of Indian medicine to restore health in the most difficult cases. If you wish to start a new life, not burdened with the problems of both the physical and psycho-emotional levels, use ayurvedic treatments and finally feel yourself really healthy.