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основы аюрведы

Ayurveda: where to start

Ayurveda for beginners provides a whole lot of possibilities to change the quality of your life for the better. You can start to heal yourself by the course of Panchakarma, which will relieve your body of tension, remove toxins and shape the work of all body systems. In addition, you may take advantage of Ayurvedic recommendations […]

Ayurvedic diagnosis

Ayurveda has long been teaching the exact methods of detection of the disease process, before beginning to show clear signs of diseases themselves. These methods look for early signs of imbalance, metabolic and digestive malfunctions. Thus one gets the opportunity to eliminate the root cause of one’s unhealthy state, or simply prevents its occurrence in the […]
Лечение аюрведой

The principles of Ayurvedic medicine

Alternative medicine has always been popular and in demand. Even with the advent of affordable health clinics and hospitals, many people continue to look for alternative methods of treatment, as even modern doctors cannot give answers to all questions relating to health. Ayurvedic medicine is capable of, as practice has shown, to solve even the most […]
питание аюрведа

Proper nutrition for Ayurveda

Nutrition and digestion of food is considered by Ayurveda as one of the main indicators of the state of human health. This is due to the fact that the food is the “fuel” to maintain the life of the organism. From its quality depends on how fast and how much the body can absorb the nutrients […]