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  • Our center is located in special, environmentally friendly building, created according to the principles of ancient Indian architecture, It is situated in the picturesque countryside, filled with clean air, meadows, lakes and forests. You will be pleasantly surprised by quality/price ratio of our services in comparison with any similar facilities in Ukraine and rest of Europe
  • Panchakarma centre "Amrita" welcomes you to feel the atmosphere of Ayurveda and take a course of holistic rejuvenation, balance and vitality, which is part of the Vedic wisdom of life. Panchakarma — is proved by centuries to be a holistic approach to restoring the lost balance between mind and body.


This is the ancient Indian science of creating the balance in the mind and body. It is recognized by WHO to be an effective system of alternative medicine.

Maharishi Ayurveda diagnostic system can determine the smallest deviations in balance of metabolic processes of the body and help to establish a state of perfect health. Its therapeutic methods emphasize the importance of considering diet, emotions, behavior and environment of the person. This expands the horizon of recreation approach to a variety of disorders.

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Is traditional Ayurvedic phased purification course, aimed to bringing the total state of physiology to the balance and rejuvenation.

This course removes toxins and harmful substances from the body that accumulate as a result of wrong lifestyle, environmental problems, false thinking, stress etc. Also, each step of Panchakarma, with the unique efficiency, helps to restore the finest (and, therefore, the most important) energy balance in physiology.

Five Steps of Panchakarma

Easily digestible medicinal oils that stimulate digestion and metabolism are applied internally and externally. Carefully selected substances gently and effectively dissolve at the cellular level accumulated fat-soluble metabolic waste.
Now it's time to make sure that pre-dissolved toxins and other wastes are really washed out of the tissues. Conducting heat procedures in the form of herbal steam baths and hot compresses increase the metabolic activity of the body, expand the finest blood and lymph vessels. Now, the toxins are able to leave the cell and go into the intestine.
At this stage it is necessary to make sure that the toxins that have separated, have become mobile, and concentrated in the intestines, really leave the body. For this purpose comfortable, soft cleaning microenemas are applied.
After the withdrawal of toxins it is time to restore balance in the body. This is individually selected sequence of procedures, eliminating existing imbalances and restoring the balance of the fundamental principles of physiology
In conclusion, the body is further rejuvenated thanks to a special royal procedures. One of them is, in essence, bathing in milk, cooked with healing herbs. This procedure gives youthfulness and beauty, unique in their quantity of quality, as well as — the sweetest of sensations.


During the course you will not have to worry about anything, because we will provide you with everything you need

and most important — you will be able to gain knowledge about the unique advantages of the Vedic way of life by viewing the Maharishi in the recording and/or evening conversations with the founder of the Centre — and all this is included in the base price!

Identification of any (including — the thinnest) imbalance of health just by listening the patient's pulse.
Here you will be provided with the highest quality vegetarian food. For each client, the diet selected individually, according to the type of physiology and imbalances.
Your personal recovery plan shall be appointed after a comprehensive Ayurvedic diagnostics, performed according to your constitutional type and your medical history. After this starts your course of Panchakarma, individually tailored for you. All this is provided by the founder of the Center, the specialist, who is engaged in Ayurveda for 20 years and passed four courses in India from a reputable teacher. At the end of your course you will receive detailed individual recommendations for further application that will help enhance and prolong the effect of the course for a long time after its completion.
Harmonious behavior, in accordance with the laws of nature, based on biorhythms (daily, seasonal, etc.). Traditional music therapy using sound and melody to restore the physiological and mental harmony and eliminate imbalances.
The success of your course can be increased by taking Ayurvedic herbal and mineral preparations (included in the price). For massage of each client we choose a special combination of herbal substances and other high-quality components. During the massage oil penetrates deep into the skin, strengthening and enhancing the subcutaneous tissue. Herbs and minerals eliminate disbalances, leading to disease.We also use Rasayana — advanced herbal and mineral preparations, made to prevent/eliminate disease and prolong life.
The development of higher states of consciousness through Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation program (surcharge). Neuromuscular integration through yoga asanas — Vedic exercises to restore the coordination of consciousness, mind and body at the point of their connection. Neyrorespiratory integration through Pranayama — Vedic breathing exercise to restore integrity of the functioning of the mind and body.



Full body massage performed by two therapists, with the added pressure to deeply relax the muscles of the musculoskeletal system and stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues.


Simultaneous oil massage in which two therapists gently, in a smooth rhythm, massage client according to ancient complex algorithms. This massage moves from the body tissues those toxins and waste products that have already been dissolved and released at the cellular level during the pre-preparation stage.


This massage with a paste made of whole grain flour and herbal powders cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation and contributes to the loss of excess weight.


Massage in gloves of raw silk, creating friction on the surface of the skin, thereby enhancing the metabolism in the body. This prophylaxis contributes to weight loss and removal of toxins and other impurities from the body that cause cellulite. Accompanied by an oil massage.


Simultaneous oil massage in which two therapists gently, in a smooth rhythm, massage client according to ancient complex algorithms. This massage moves from the body tissues those toxins and waste products that have already been dissolved and released at the cellular level during the pre-preparation stage.


Herbal steam bath with specially selected medicinal herbs. Improves circulation, opens channels, reduces fatigue, and so helps detoxifying nervous system. In this process of therapeutic sweating skin pores are being opened and the natural process of separation of metabolic waste through the skin is stimulated.


After preconditioning, when toxins and wastes from various parts of the body are released and moved into the intestinal tract, the customer receives Basti — cleansing of the colon: Niruha basti (enema cleansing), Basti Anuvasan — nutrient enema.


Treatment of many problems of the nasopharynx and sensory organs. During this procedure, after the special massage and heating, drugs are introduced through the nose, causing the cleaning and setting the balance in the head and upper torso. Especially good for sinusitis. Also, this procedure effectively nourishes the central nervous system.


The special Ayurvedic procedure, during which a thin stream of warm oil is poured evenly onto the forehead of the client for a significant time. Shirodhara deeply relaxes the nervous system, releases the accumulated fatigue, tension and stress. Balances the emotional state at a deep level.

Netra Tarpan

The relaxing treatment for the eyes and eyelids, shown in most of the problems with vision organs (not only the eyes but also — the optic nerve and the corresponding parts of the brain). Eliminating fatigue and eye strain, this procedure also strengthens the nervous system, improves coordination between eye and brain, prevents the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, improves vision, effectively treats 50% of eye diseases.


View to a clinic
Clinic territory
Cozy interior
Guest bedroom
Prepared dinner
Awesome deserts
Non-stop selfimprovement
Sincere atmosphere
Among so many similar centers, ours, in addition to other advantages, favorably features of the building itself and its location — at the same time near the city, and at are a richly filled with the benefits of vegetation and nature. You will enjoy surrounding forests, ponds and meadows, over which shine unforgettably bright celestial bodies, soar quietly and majestically large birds, and graze horses and cows.

Course duration is 10 days long (excluding days of settle and depart). Maximum simultaneous "bandwidth" of center is 4 persons.

Full of space, comfort and light, the house of our Center is built for this high goal, according to the rules of ancient Indian architecture of Vastu exclusively from environmentally friendly natural materials, — primarily wood.

The house comes alive thanks to modern ecological systems, and the comfort and wealth of its planning,effectively complemented by careful attitude to each client and providing him with all necessary, in particular - linens and hygiene products, including high-quality all-natural soaps and shampoos of Harmonia brand.

About center master

Mr. Andrew

qualified master

+380 (67) 785 49 25

Andrew Valentinovych Bayev - За освітою інженер - кріофізик. 1994-1997 навчався у ведичному університеті Махаріші, де отримав кваліфікацію вчителя Трансцендентальної медитації. Практикує Трансцендентальну медитацію 20 років. Навчає людей Трансцендентальної медитації 17 років. Вивчає Аюрведу 20 років. Професійно практикує Аюрведу 15 років. Вже 8 років навчається Аюрведи у знаного в Індії та за її межами лікаря Аюрведи Вайді Манохара. Останні 15 років є директором центру панчакарми Амріта. Лектор та тренер в області Аюрведи та Трансцендентальної медитації.